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Craft Scissors, 5" Vintage style scissors, 5-colors

Craft Scissors, 5" Vintage style scissors, 5-colors

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These scissors are a vintage style that measure 5" from end to end, and 2.25" wide. They have a sharp point and perfect for cutting with most small crafts such as embroidery and cross stitch floss, crewel yarn, sewing thread, paper and thin cloth materials. Choose from 4 vibrant colors.

Please note that these 5" scissors are NOT appropriate for young children due to the sharp point.

  • Keep your scissors clean by wiping with a clean and dry cloth periodically to remove any residue from your projects.
  • These scissors are not designed to be used for other purposes besides cutting. The blades can be damaged with improper usage.
  • Made in China and are not an actual vintage product.
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