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Thread Spool Huggers and Fabric Wraps 4pc and 8pc

Thread Spool Huggers and Fabric Wraps 4pc and 8pc

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Keep your thread from going everywhere when not in use with thread spool huggers. These pliable silicone wrappers come in a set of 4 or 8 pieces. Removes the opportunity for loose threads to become tangled. Fits most small to medium thread spools, not designed for large spools or commercial spools.

Another use is for embroidery and needlework, if you have issues with fabric escaping the grime guards, clamp down the excess bunches of fabric to the q-snap frame under the grime guard to help keep it all in place while you work.

Combine with the Bobbin Buddies to keep your thread and bobbins together and tidy.

** Thread and fabric shown is NOT included.

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